Why are we not banning the Qur’an?

Following its third summit in Warsaw on 16-17 May the Council of Europe issued a declaration containing the following statement: “We strongly condemn all forms of intolerance and discrimination, in particular those based on sex, race and religion, including antisemitism and islamophobia.” See here.

Ali Sina is appalled that Islamophobia should be bracketed with antisemitism: “Islam advocates the hatred of the Jews in particular but also of Christians who according to the Quran have corrupted their Scripture and call Jesus the son of God. The Quran’s biggest condemnation is reserved for the people of other religions and of no religion. All these people, including Jews and Christians are considered to be najis and fuels of hellfire. This is hate. This is hate-mongering. There is no other way to put it. Why are we not banning the Quran? Why are we not condemning Islam for blatantly advocating hate?”

FaithFreedom.org, 25 May 2005

Well, you can quite see why he might not be too keen on the suppression of Islamophobia, can’t you?

Robert Spencer, for his part, applauds “the courageous and insightful Ali Sina”.

Dhimmi Watch, 25 May 2005