Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain

You only have to read the headline to know who wrote the article. Yes, it’s that pompous, self-publicising prat Taj Hargey.

Hargey informs Daily Mail readers:

The increasing fashion for young Muslim women in Britain to wear the burka (in contrast to their mothers, who do not) is one of most sinister developments of our times.

Supporters of this garment like to pretend that it is a welcome symbol of our society’s multicultural diversity and philosophical tolerance. But such warped thinking is woefully misguided. In reality, the burka is an archaic tribal piece of cloth that is eagerly used by fundamentalist zealots to promote a toxic brand of extremist non-Koranic theology.

Everyone in Britain, including Muslims, should oppose the insidious spread of this vile piece of clothing, which imprisons women, threatens social harmony, fuels distrust, has grave health implications and is a potent security risk.

Contrary to the claims of its advocates, it has nothing to do with Islam but is a cultural fad imported from Saudi Arabia and primitive parts of the Islamic world.

That is why this week, with the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, I am launching a nationwide campaign to impose a ban on face masks in public spaces in Britain.

If there’s any “nationwide” character to Hargey’s pathetic stunt, it will be courtesy of right-wing enemies of the Muslim community like the Daily Mail.

Update:  See “Muslim groups slam new call for UK burka ban”, Al Arabiya, 18 July 2014

Update 2:  Hargey’s initiative has been endorsed by Britain First, the far-right group that has been staging intimidatory “invasions” of mosques.