Wilders unveils policies

AMSTERDAM — Independent right-wing MP Geert Wilders has unveiled an election programme said to be “plagiarised” from Pim Fortuyn. In it, Wilders calls for general tax cuts, a reduction in bureaucracy, improved safety and a significant cut in immigration.

Announcing his intention to run at the 2007 election, Wilders said he was “independent” of the “self-satisfied political elite who lost their way long ago and are at the point of saying farewell to age-old Dutch roots in exchange for multiculturalism, culture relativism and a European super state”.

Wilders — whose party (www.geertwilders.nl) stands to win four seats in Parliament if an election was held now — said he was in favour of a smaller government. This means reduced regulations, tax cuts and cuts to social security to prevent the collapse of the economy.

He called for billions of euros in cuts to the overseas development budget — retaining only emergency aid — abolition of the Education and Economic Affairs ministries and reducing the public service by 50 percent. Child allowance payments should also be reduced.

Wilders claimed that scrapping minimum wage laws and liberalising redundancy legislation would lead to greater employment, news service NOS reported on Monday.

Designed primarily to prevent marriage and family unification migration, he urged for Dutch borders to be closed for five years to non-western immigrants. No more asylum seekers should be allowed to enter the country.

Focusing on integration, Wilders said the present non-committal integration policy should be scrapped. Instead, those who do no integrate adequately and do not have Dutch citizenship should be forced out of the country immediately. Islamic schools should also be abolished, he said.

Islamic veils should be banned during public functions, Wilders said.

Expatica, 14 March 2005