WND explains the Middle East conflict

“Radical Islamic jihadists seek to destroy Israel. Nothing short of the Jewish state’s annihilation will satisfy them. In fact, even the destruction of Israel is simply a means to an end – a short-term goal, if you will. It is the first step in a long march to global domination. Some secularists in the West look at Islam and dismiss the possibility that it could ever dominate the globe … much of the world believes this evil ideology can be negotiated with. They believe it can be placated. They believe it can be bought off. They believe it can be reasoned with. They even believe that it might be enflamed by legitimate grievances….

“There are no legitimate grievances. Israel did not steal anyone’s land. Israel did not create a refugee crisis. Israel did not oppress the ‘Palestinian people’. All that is nonsense…. The conflict between Islamic radicals and Jews in the Middle East is really very simple. The Islamic radicals want all the Jews dead…. No amount of land concessions will appease the beast. No amount of foreign aid will appease the beast. No amount of revisionist history will appease the beast. Only death and destruction of all infidels will quench the beast’s appetite for blood and power….

“This is the way it has always been – since Muhammad first got his demonic visions in the desert. Ever since then, radical adherents to his message have been on the march – beheading, converting by sword, wiping out entire villages, raping and pillaging.”

Joseph Farah in World Net Daily, 26 July 2006