Would-be führer speaks

BNP Islam Out of BritainNick Griffin addressed the massed ranks of the BNP (all 130 of them) at the fascists’ conference in London this weekend:

“… he explained the true long-term significance of the Islamic riots and commando-style arson wave in France, and of less dramatic developments in Britain such as the presence on Britain’s airwaves of more than thirty Islamic community radio stations during Ramadan. We are entering, he said, the Intifada phase of a well-organised Islamic drive to conquer the whole of Europe. This will become the overriding issue of our Age, and the only way in which the BNP – the only effective defenders of our traditions, freedoms, Western civilisation and identity – can win in this struggle is through organisation, sacrifice and unity.”

BNP news article, 20 November 2005

Yes, take out the party-political reference to the BNP, and it does rather sound like Melanie Phillips, doesn’t it?